When your drain gets a clog, it may be unclear as to whether you should try to handle the issue yourself or call for Hoboken drain cleaning. There are many different kinds of drains with different kinds of clogs as well. Let’s talk about when it’s better to DIY and when it’s better to get professional Hoboken drain cleaning services.

DIY or Professional Hoboken Drain Cleaning?

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  • Main sewer line clog: Go with professional Hoboken drain cleaning here. Older homes with cast iron and clay pipes are more susceptible to these clogs and roots are usually the culprit. Unless you are very familiar with using the equipment needed to clear the line, a professional is the way to go. These clogs require a bigger machine and with the strength and size of the sewer cable needed, you could easily injure yourself.
  • Tub and shower drain clogs: DIY but with the right tool. Tubs and showers usually back up due to hair clogs, and the best method to fix hair clogs is to use a handheld snake. These snakes are widely available at your local hardware store and are not expensive. Wire coat hangers are not the best tool for this job. Not only are they too short to reach most hair clogs, once they get stuck, you need professional Hoboken drain cleaning services anyway to get them removed.
  • Kitchen and lavatory sink clogs: This all depends on where and how bad the clog is. Food, soap, grease and overzealous use of the garbage disposal in the kitchen and build up from toothpaste, shave cream, soaps, lotions and makeup in the bathroom, can cause sink drains to clog. These clogs can be tougher to deal with due to the nature of the build up and its sludge-like consistency, so a handheld snake doesn’t typically work well. You may be able to DIY if the clog has settled in around the P-trap, because that’s easy to remove and replace under the sink. For tough sink clogs, you’re better off getting Hoboken drain cleaning service because they have the right equipment for the job.
  • Toilet clogs: Plungers solve a lot of problems, but for tougher clogs, a toilet auger can get the job done. These tools cost $40-50 at the home improvement store.

Want the Best Hoboken Drain Cleaning Service?

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