Are you looking for the best Bergen County Kitchen Drain Cleaning service? Professional drain cleaning contractors will help you with all your drain needs. At one time or another someone you know or yourself has an unfortunate situation where their kitchen sink drain is clogged.

Bergen County Kitchen Drain Cleaning


Bergen County Kitchen Drain Cleaning | Grease in the Sink:

Everyone has been told on some occasion never pour grease down the drain. If it is done frequently it can definitely cause a major buildup problem in the pipes. People may think that running hot water will keep the grease from sticking, but that is not true. After a numerous amount of times dumping the grease in the drain it will start to solidify and cause a buildup where water will not be able to get through.

Bergen County Kitchen Drain Cleaning | Grease in the Garbage Disposal:

People also at times think that they can pour grease in the garbage disposal, which is far from the truth. The disposal does not have any special device inside to destroy the grease and the blades will not have any effect either. If grease is poured down the disposal, the blades will become less and less effective because of the multiple coating of grease. Some of the signs showing that there is a blockage in the drain are when you will start to see a slower drainage, some gurgling noises coming from the actual drain and sometimes a bad smell too. If you cannot clear that clog yourself, it may be time to call a professional plumber.

Bergen County Kitchen Drain Cleaning | Disposing of Grease:

When cooking something with grease or that produces grease if and it is a small amount you can just let it sit in the pan and let it get hard and then you can dispose of it in the garbage but never pour it down the drain. Sometime people keep a can nearby to dispose the grease they may be cooking with. Simply drain your pan with the oil into the can and let it sit and get solid. If it is large enough you do not have to get rid of it right away and can reuse it when you have more oil from cooking. Once it is full you can put a lid on it and place it in the garbage can for disposal. These are different ways of getting rid of any extra oil instead of pouring it down the drain and ruining you pipes. Here are a few steps to take when you get a clog in your kitchen drain:

Bergen County Kitchen Drain Cleaning | Plunger:

Many clogs usually can be cleared up with a good plunger. Many models of sink plungers are inexpensive, so it would be a good investment to buy one and have it in your kitchen. Fill clogged side of sink with a small amount of water and start plunging. Any food or paper products clogged in the pipes should move and clear the way.

Bergen County Kitchen Drain Cleaning | Hanger:

If the plunger was incapable to remove the clogged drain try to use a regular wire hanger. Bend and create a small hook at one end and insert it and move it up and down to try to move any food particles or obstruction in the pipes. If the obstruction is father down and too deep to reach it may be time to call a professional.

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