Do you have a backed up sewer drain and need a professional Bergen County sewer cleaning company? Getting your sewer pipe cleaned when it needs to be done is essential. Failure to do so can bring about a lot of harsh repercussions that can be harmful to your health. Everyone knows that contact with sewage is disgusting, but there are many diseases that can come with it as well. Whenever you experience sewer pipe problems, you NEED to call a professional immediately.

Professional Bergen County Sewer Cleaning Company


Bergen County Sewer Cleaning Company

So what causes it? There are several factors that may lead to having sewage issues in your home. Some of the problems can be avoided while others are out of your control. Here are some of the common things that cause a sewage backup.

  • Flushing things that should not be flushed
  • Flooding in or around your house
  • Broken pipes
  • Roots

Some of these can and should be avoided. For example, make sure that you’re not flushing things down the toilet that just shouldn’t be flushed. Having sewage backup into your home is not worth what may be a convenient disposal system for you. A professional from a Bergen County Sewer Cleaning Company will be able to help you determine the cause and fix the situation.

What are the health risks involved? Aside from vomiting due to the smell, there are actual health concerns involved as well. Here are some possible health risks that you’re exposed to with a sewage backup.

  • E. Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Hepatitis

There are other bacteria found in sewage as well, but these are some of the more well known ones. All of them can have some pretty serious side effects and that can cause a lot of discomfort as well as issues much more severe. If you suspect you may have come in contact with these bacteria you should see a doctor immediately.

Need a Professional Bergen County Sewer Cleaning Company?

If you have a sewage backup, it’s imperative that you contact professionals ASAP. Don’t wait for disaster to strike before getting sewer cleaning done, however. If you need the best Bergen County Sewer Cleaning Company, contact Richie ‘D’ Drain Cleaning LLC today! They’ve been in the business for over 30 years and offer both residential and commercial services. For fast, reliable, and professional service, contact Richie ‘D’ Drain today at (201)583-9339 or visit the website!

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